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       Welcome to Provident Planning!

       I’m excited that you’re here and want to learn what Provident Planning is all about. This page serves as a guide for visitors to discover the foundations of Provident Planning. If you have any questions while reading the posts, just leave a comment at the bottom of the post or contact me and I’ll help you as quick as I can.


       If you want to know a little more about me and this website, check out the About page. You can also read about my beliefs.

       If you’re wondering what I mean by “God’s Provident Plan”, you’ll find more details at: What Is God’s Provident Plan for a Christian’s Personal Finances?

       If you want to learn why Christians should study personal finance in the Bible, check out: Who or What is Mammon?

       If you want to find out how God can make you rich, you need to read why Provident Planning is not a place for itching ears.

       If you’re wondering why I don’t include a Bible verse in every single article I write, check out: Show Me in the Scriptures…

       If you don’t know what (WEB) means after the Bible verses I quote, read: Why I Use the World English Bible (WEB) Version

Bible Study Resources

       If you want to see a huge list (nearly 1,200) of personal finance bible verses, go here: Personal Finance Bible Verses

       If you’re interested in contentment in the Bible, check out these resources:

       If you want to learn what the Bible says about work, check out my Work Bible Study.

       If you have questions about the “prosperity gospel”, you should read my series: Prosperity Gospel or Greed Gospel? You might also want to read God’s Purpose for Christian Prosperity.

       If you’re interested in what God’s Word teaches about giving, these resources will be helpful:

       Those articles will give you a thorough understanding of what Provident Planning is all about. As I said before, if you have any questions you can leave a comment on an article or contact me. Thanks for reading, and I pray these materials will help you as you seek to glorify God!

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