When it comes to unbelievable bets, many people think of the 18-fold accumulators that have miraculously come in, the bets on Leicester to win the Premier League at 5000-1, and the crazily specific bets, such as Xabi Alonso to score from his own half in the 2005/06 season (it actually happened). However, many people forget about the different things people have bet with aside from money. Fortunately, we are here to remind you.

The Roulette Bet

When you hear about people going all in, you normally consider this to be all in with all of their money. However, roulette fan Ashley Revell took the term a little more literally, and actually put every single item he ever owned online, and placed a bet on the roulette wheel in an attempt to either double up or lose everything he had ever owned. And he won. But Revell didn’t stop there. After a television programme, he discussed how he raised $135,000 by selling everything he owned, and jetted off to Las Vegas to bet on the roulette reel once again. At first, he placed a bet on the black, but at the last minute switched to red, and this was apparently the best decision he had ever made. While we do not recommend that all players implement betting everything they own as part of their roulette betting system, you have to admit that it was a pretty ballsy idea.

Not The Breast Decision Ever…

This is one of the most famous gambling stories, where a man more or less bet his pride in the hopes of winning $100,000. Brian Zembic was a fervent gambler, and his friends challenged him to a bet that not many men would go through with – to have false breast implants for a year. Of course, he actually went through with it. He quickly became known as the man who would do anything to win a bet.

Football Crazy

When it comes to football, it is easy to see supporters getting carried away, whether this is at the matches or at home. However, there was one case that really does outdo the others. Henry Dhabasani (an Arsenal fan) bet his friend Rashid Yiga (a die-hard Manchester United fan) that Arsenal would beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. This sounds like a pretty tame bet, until you hear what was actually on the line for the pair. The Arsenal fan staked his house, while Yiga took up his offer and staked his wife and his Toyota car! Ex-Arsenal legend Robin van Persie actually scored the winning goal for United, and Dhabasani genuinely packed up his belongings for his friend to move in.

Don’t Call Me A Liar

In 1956, licensed pilot Thomas Fitzpatrick was drinking heavily in a Manhattan bar, when someone challenged the man’s claim that a flight from New Jersey to Manhattan would take 15 minutes. Fitzpatrick decided to take on the bet, despite his intoxication, as a matter of pride. And so, he drove to an airfield in New Jersey and stole a single-engine airplane which he then, drunkenly, flew back to the city and landed it outside of the bar in time for last orders. Fortunately, the police only fined him $100 for the trouble after the plane owner decided not to press any charges. However, 2 years later a patron decided to challenge Fitzpatrick over the legitimacy of his story. And so he did it all over again.

Being a trader is all about executing at speed and getting ahead of the markets. In order to be a step ahead of the markets, you need to make sure you have every possible advantage. The best way of doing this is to have every possible resource available at your disposal. Here, we look at what resources you need and why they’re so essential.

Margins Calculator

A margins calculator can help you quickly and easily calculate how much margin you require to guarantee a position you wish to open. By using a margin calculator, you’ll be able to work out whether it is in your best interest to: reduce your lot size or adjust your leverage. They’re often quick and simple to use, too. All you need to do is select the trading instrument you’re using, input the size of your trade, your leverage and your account currency, and then press calculate.

You can get vital information in seconds, and it could help prevent you from over-extending your account balance.

Economics Calendars

It’s vitally important that you know exactly what is happening in the world. After all, everything from a US Farming announcement to a Bank of England policy decision can affect your trades, passing you from the black to the red.

As such, it’s vitally important you know not only what’s happening, but also when you’re likely to get a definitive decision and how much it’s likely to affect your trades. That’s why economic calendars like this one from Bloomberg are great.

They can give you all the information you need to inform your trades in one place. By just having one central location for your information, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the markets and your fellow traders, getting the best prices. All the information you’ll ever need will be available at the touch of a button.

Mobile Trading Apps

Tired of being chained to your desk all day in case an opportunity arises? Why not take your trades with you?

Many an opportunity is missed because people are unable to trade as and when they need to. However, if you get mobile trading apps, you’ll always have your trades with you, no matter where you are in the world, so you’ll be able to enter the markets before anyone else if an opportunity occurs.

By using these three resources, you’ll be able to execute trades faster than anyone else, allowing you to get the best prices. So give them a try today.

Creating a successful brand is not just about offering a quality product, but also creating a brand identity that resonates with your clientele.  When your buyers, feel a connection to your brand this will influence their purchasing decisions and generate customer loyalty. Here are some helpful tips, and marketing strategies to help you create and build a quality brand identity.

  1. Identify your target market and create a marketing campaign that reaches them personally.

For example, if your product or service is geared toward mothers in their twenties and thirties then it’s important to make sure that your marketing conveys an acute understanding of the concerns that mothers face such as the health and education of their children.  Another way to reach your clientele on a personal level, it is to interact with them across social media platforms. This way you can learn about the specific likes and dislikes of your customer base and cater not only your product but your marketing to their unique tastes.  For example, if health and nutrition are trending topics across your Twitter account, then you should not only create a social media marketing campaign that addresses these topics, but also create content to be featured on your website that addresses these topics as well.

  1. Make sure that your brand has a specific message.

Whether it’s that your company offers quality services for a reasonable price or that all of your products for animal cruelty free having a specific message that your clients can identify your brand by is as important as having a quality logo.

  1. Don’t be afraid to exploit your competition’s weaknesses.

Researching your competition is important for any company.  But when you’re establishing a new brand it is imperative that you find a way to stand out from the rest of the pack. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by identifying how your product or service excels in an area where your competition have fallen flat.

When you use these steps and create a brand identity, it can truly help your company obtain and maintain success. The longevity of your brand can truly be linked to the identity you create for your brand and your customer’s connection to the brand.  A stellar example of this is JC Penney, whose name has been synonymous with quality products for reasonable prices for decades.

Physical exercise can often be the prescription for fixing problems stemming from bad joints, spinal misalignments, damaged tendons or ligaments or weak muscles. However, these problems often make exercise painful or even impossible to do. It is a catch-22. You know you have to exercise, but doing so is miserable. Here are a few tips that can help you through and around the pain, so you can get in shape and alleviate the pain.

Check with your doctor

Before starting any exercise program, it is good to check with a doctor first. Make sure your heart is able to handle the type of exercise you want to do. The doctor may also do tests to tell you what exact part of your body is causing your pain. Incorporate their advice into your plan for becoming pain free.

Recognize the purpose of pain.

Pain has a purpose. It alerts you to something that is not right in your body. It can show you where you need to put your efforts to get better. However, sharp, severe stabbing pains are a warning that you should stop doing things the way you are doing. For example, if you feel a stabbing pain in your elbow when doing a barbell curl, you may have torn something and should either stop or modify the exercise. You could still find alternate ways to exercise forearms, biceps, triceps and forearms, in a way that can stabilize that joint and facilitate healing.

Use isometric and bodyweight exercises.

Many people make excuses about why they don’t work out. One of the most common is not having the time or money to go to a gym or have necessary equipment to workout.  All you really need to exercise is your own body and a tiny amount of space. Yoga moves, stretches and simple exercises such as sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups can give you an amazing physique. If you would like some advice and inspiration, check Youtube for videos for bodyweight exercises and calisthenics competitions. It may blow your mind that such simple things could make you so strong. Don’t worry if you are weak or injured and can’t even do a push-up or pull-up when you start. There are many variations that can help you build the strength needed.

Try a chiropractor or massage therapist.

A chiropractor or massage therapist can not help you by directly building muscles you need to feel healthy and pain free. However they can relieve pain and misalignments that hold you back from being able to do the exercise that will give you long term relief.  Plus, getting a massage can relieve mental stress and increase your general circulation.

Eat well and get rest.

While you are healing, be sure that you give your body what it needs. Be sure to drink sufficient fluids and eat as healthy as possible. If you are building and repairing muscle, that takes protein. Those building blocks can take many forms, such as meat, beans or even protein powders that you mix into a drink or cook into other foods.  This could be as simple as eating a steak for dinner or adding protein powder into your morning pancakes.  Be sure to get plenty of sleep, because much of the body’s repair goes on while you are sleeping. If you are having trouble sleeping, don’t drink much alcohol. It might help you get to sleep one night, but it will disturb your sleep pattern for days after.  Try taking a melatonin tablet about ½ hour before you want to sleep. It is a natural sleep hormone and is non-narcotic. Taken consistently, it will greatly improve your sleep pattern. You may start finding yourself waking up at the same time every morning, or waking up without an alarm clock.

Follow these tips and keep at your exercise program. You can heal up and realign your body, to prevent future pain.

Everyone from small individual traders to big investors need to find a balance in their daily routine, in order to develop healthy trading habits. Many traders using online trading platforms such as XTrade Europe, learn to develop a routine that benefits their needs. With so many trading markets available, it’s sometimes hard to focus on one style of trading. Trading over many markets isn’t always a bad thing, but best left to the more experienced trader. Many new traders struggle with sticking with a single trading method long enough to see it play out. Taking on various types of trades at one time or dealing with many different markets at once may limit your success.

To keep focused, just remember the simple logistics of online trading:

Keeping tabs

Stick to one market at a time. Trust me, you won’t die of boredom if you do this and focusing and mastering one market can result in a much greater return from your trades. Keep track of your trades; wins and losses, remembering to check back on your trading history at least once a week. Professional trading platforms like the one XTrade Europe has interfaces specially designed for you to easily keep track of your trades.

Plan ahead

Starting with the Sunday financial news is a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming trading week. If you are not the type to relax with the papers (online or not), you can easily set up new alerts through your email account. You can also find useful tools which offers the latest information through newsletters and market reports.  It’s also a good idea to plan out the week’s key chart levels at the beginning of each week. Keeping track of the market offers vital knowledge such as distinguishing current and future trends in the market.

Curb your losses

Sometimes intuition fails us and loss happens, it’s just a part of the trading process. But following simple steps such as the ones above can teach you to curb your losses and increase the number of profitable trades you make each day. Educate yourself through professional tools such as XTrade Europe’s Academy, which offers online courses and “Webinars”. Once you focus your efforts towards mastering a single market, you will see just how quickly your trades will turn around to wins.

Setting your daily goals

The future is now. There is no better way to plan through the logistics of online trading, other than to begin with setting a target for today. Day trading is a big part of online trading markets. They offer you the chance to buy and sell within “working hours” and leave you rested at night and fresh for the next day’s markets. Online trading platforms such as XTrade Europe, see a great number of day traders increase their trading profits through constant day trading. Setting your daily goals not only builds your confidence but prepares you for whatever may come throughout the trading day. The first step is to identify pairs that are trending either up or down so we know the direction we should be looking to trade. This will become much easier since you would have already checked the daily analytics and ask based on educated decisions rather than just “Gut feeling”.

Remember, keep track of your trading history, that is a valuable map to your future trades going well for you. Organize yourself and your trading strategies based on your history and the history and updates of the financial markets. Learn from your past missteps and educate yourself based on current trends and past experience. Set yourself a goal before you begin your daily trading. Forming a strong trading strategy will help you whilst making multiple trades each day.

Although we all knew the UK entertained a Brexit situation, not many believed it could happen, and a few made money when it happened. What is the situation now and how can it affect your portfolio?

At XTrade we like to keep an eye on the future without loosing sight of the past. Of course, we do not stare into the past, but we know that understanding the past can prepare you for the future. Would you not agree with that?

If so, have a look at what has happened since the Brexit announcement. The first signals were “SLOW”—like what you see written on the UK roads when you approach a tight curve or a crossing. Manufacturing exporters may have benefited a bit, but the GBP seemed to explore the depths of the GBP-USD chart, reaching its lowest point in 31 years, and the UK-centric FTSE 250 sheered abruptly.

What was the reaction of the bank of England? They clearly indicated that in August, interest rates would be cut.

In view of this, it is completely understandable that consumers and business confidence plummeted.

XTrade’s Advice for Investors

XTrade agrees with the majority of experts when they say that it is wise to be cautious. What usually happens in big-impact situations like the Brexit? Normally there is an instinctive reaction, the same as when you hear the horn of a car behind you—you jump. But what if the car is not beeping at you, but at someone else? If you instinctively jump you could actually be putting yourself at risk by moving towards the car. So, first make sure of what is happening and then take the right action, if necessary. We say if because at XTrade we are aware that many investors’ outlooks may have not changed, therefore it would not be advisable to change their strategy.

Nonetheless, it is evident to all that the vote to take the jigsaw piece with the English flag away from the European puzzle can and will have big consequences for investors which will affect their pensions, properties, and even the capacity to trade collectibles.

Should I Buy Government Bonds?

The reality is that while the future of the economy of the United Kingdom is a bit gloomy since it lost the AAA rating, quite a few investors seem to be purchasing UK bonds, why? Well, that depends on the amount of optimism they have.

For those who believe that the UK economy will thrive as a result of the challenge presented by saying au revoir to the European Union, buying fixed income securities right now may not be the best idea.

However, what would happen were inflation to continue lethargic over a long period of time? The Bank of England would be obliged to kick into action and cut rates, in which case it would be beneficial for you to lock in the interest now, before it goes into a tailspin.

So far, UK government bonds have managed to be one of the top assets, recompensing owners—or those who trade CFDs with XTrade—with substantial returns. And it is quite likely that the Bank of England will work to support UK government bonds.

When you have bad credit, securing a loan for any purpose is a challenge. The more inquiries you have into your credit report, the harder it will be to obtain the loan. It is ideal to try and clear up a few small accounts on your credit report before applying for a loan to aid your chances of approval. There are a few other options discussed below to help you get the funds you need quickly.

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