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For any of you who know anything about Uber, you will know that it is a mobile application that has absolutely revolutionized the taxi business by putting the power and speed of finding a taxi into the hands of the average consumer.

Now, we believe for a number of reasons that the mortgage application process is about to have its own Uber moment by speeding up the mortgage process exponentially.

Reason One: Mortgage Calculators are Readily Available

Truly, the number of easy-use mortgage calculators on the Internet has grown in an incredible fashion over the past three years. Take Yorkshire Bank’s Mortgage Calculator for example–it quickly educates a homebuyer about the amount of house that they can afford, what they would have to pay back each month, and how long it would take to service the mortgage. This absolutely revolutionizes the education process of everyone attempting to get a mortgage, and this is just one basic example of the thousands of phenomenal software out there that can now help with mortgage value calculations for consumers.

Reason Two: Rocket Mortgage is Changing the Landscape

For those who don’t already know, Intuit (the same company that made QuickBooks and Mint Personal Finance) has recently released a new mortgage application mobile app that allows individuals to find and obtain a great mortgage after just a few button clicks. The name of this application is Rocket Mortgage, and it drastically speeds up the mortgage application process.

Reason Three: Technology is Fixing Basic Economic problems

For those of you who remember the housing crash of ’07-08 in the United States that killed the American stock market and reverberated around the world financial markets, you will know that the problem began with banks providing loans to sub-prime borrowers. In reality, this is a practice that has occurred in many countries to the detriment of the entire global economy.

Now, not only does Consumer Reports argue that Rocket mortgage has increased the mortgage application process, just as Uber increased the “find-a-taxi” process, but Forbes also argues that the entire Internet, tech-age will improve the processing of electronic mortgage application documents in all new ways as other online mortgage providers flood the marketplace.

Furthermore, this writer would argue that, by allowing the entire mortgage process to be carried out online, this will greatly eliminate systemic economic risk that occurs by allowing people (who have compassion) to provide sub-prime borrowers with mortgage loans simply because they feel for the borrowers’ situation. Since a computer only sees numbers and figures, we will no longer need to fear whether or not a sub-prime borrower is being given a loan they can’t balance because of a human error.

Take no doubt, the mortgage market is absolutely undergoing its own Uber moment even as we speak.

It’s hard to look at the same boring walls day after day while your friends are remodelling. With the high cost of labor, home renovations – even something as quick as a paint job, can cost hundreds of dollars! It’s no wonder that people love reading articles about DIY home renovations that transform your home from drab to fab on the cheap.

Garage Sales

When sprucing up your home, garage sales are you best friend! The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been more true than when it comes to looking through garage sale items.

At garage sales, look for cheap furniture which can be re-painted in a fun style! Look for framed artwork which can be painted over or recycled to frame your latest awesome painting. Some people will even sell their leftover paint. That means that for a few dollars means that you can paint yourself a gorgeous accent wall for next to nothing.

Look Online

Online, you can find people willing to sell or barter for anything. Are you nervous about painting? You can easily search for students or handymen looking to get extra money by doing odd jobs. Make sure you interview them to find the perfect candidate. If you pick right, chances are they’ll take their time and do a fantastic job.

If you’re hoping for something a bit more complicated, it’s definitely time to hire a professional. While hiring a random person is the cheapest option in the short-term, in the long-term… well, you don’t want to risk major renovations to someone who isn’t professional.

Many people might think that hiring professionals is too expensive. By looking online, you can find a ton of loan options from lenders all over the world like It doesn’t really matter where you find the money, as long as the loan fits into your long-term financial plan and your renovation turns out great!

Renovations don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can find a bunch of DIY ideas online which can be implemented for next to nothing. By attending garage sales, you can find lots of decorative items to make your home cosier and more exciting. Online, look for items that’ll fill the missing gaps in your decor or hire someone to do the work for you so that you can kick back and supervise with a margarita. There’s no excuse for a boring apartment!

No one has to incorporate all six pillars of Tiny Living, but try incorporating some or all of them into your lifestyle. You’ll increase your well-being and your spending power while lowering your negative impact on the environment.

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