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Okay, guys you have just two weeks left.  And don’t play dumb, we all know that Valentine’s day is only two weeks away.  Have you picked out her present for this year yet?  I bet you are still trying to think of something outstanding, something she will absolutely fly over the moon when she sees it.  You’re also feeling that just a card – even the fanciest talking or singing one – and flowers won’t do the trick.  You may probably still be scratching your head trying to think of the best possible surprise.  Now, here’s where I’m going to make a suggestion that may shock you.  Try some real good custom cosmetics for her this year.  Instead of the big box of chocolates, or the 24 bright red roses in the vase, or the ice cream cake with champagne frosting, or even the real sexy lacy underwear, try getting her some real nice cosmetics and hair treatment with a l’oreal hair color coupon.

“What!” you say in shock.  “Hair color or cosmetics as a gift on a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day?  Are you crazy or do you want me to get the cold shoulder for the rest of the winter?”  But settle down, dude and just think about it for a second.  How many times over the past year have you heard your dearest complain about not finding the right shade, or the lipstick she likes, or the best rinse, conditioner or coloring for her hair?  And I know you’ve felt that gnawing impatience when waiting while she is freshening up.

So, you know there’s some item she wants that’s most appropriate for her.  You may not know how to pick out colorings or foundations, but you do know how you like her to look.  What could be more appropriate than to give her a Groupon coupon that goes towards the purchase of the L’Oreal products that make her look her best.  She will feel confident that you approve because you gave it to her.  And you will have given her something that’ll last well beyond just that day, since you can enjoy its appearance every time you see her.  It will be a present for her that you can enjoy too.  Not such a bad idea, after all, right?