My Beliefs

       I assume anyone who spends more than a few seconds on Provident Planning will realize I am a Christian. But in case you didn’t know – I am a Christian.

       You may wonder exactly what I believe or what “flavor” of Christian I am. So I thought I’d write up this post about my beliefs and background so you’ll know where I’m coming from.

       As a child, I attended a Baptist church until I was around 13. During high school and college, I attended non-denominational churches. Now I am a member of a Mennonite church, specifically Mechanic Grove Mennonite Church in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. No, I don’t drive a horse and buggy. We’re what you would call “moderate” Mennonites. has a short article about who the Mennonites are, what they believe, and the various types if you’re interested. You can find more in-depth information at Third Way Cafe’s page on “Who Are the Mennonites?”.

       If you really want to know my beliefs in depth, you can check out the Mennonite Confession of Faith. (Note: My church does not emphasize the veiling of women or the holy kiss. Some members follow it and some do not.) However, I also agree with the simple statement of faith that can be found on’s website, and I would consider anyone who agrees with me on these issues to be a true follower of Christ. (Though I’m not as insistent as they are about the proper mode of baptism, and I don’t agree with their views on non-violence for Christians.)

       As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can contact me or leave a comment below.

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