Ad Policy

You may have noticed some advertisements on this website. This page is my full disclosure about the nature of the advertisements, reviews, and endorsements you may find on this website.

Why I Have Ads on This Website

I want to provide as much of my material as I can for free. But hosting a website costs money, and I don’t mind getting paid for my efforts. By putting advertisements on my website, I can earn some money to cover the costs of running this website plus some profit.

My Advertising Policy

My goal is to be completely honest with my readers. I will not give a positive review of a product or service unless I truly believe they are good. I try to avoid promoting companies or products that violate my values, but I also don’t have complete control over the advertisements shown on this website. This also means that I may have advertisements on this website for products or services I have not personally used.

What Is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a hyperlink to a product or service that will pay a commission or referral fee if someone purchases or uses the product or service after clicking that link. You may see some of these on Provident Planning. If in doubt, assume a link to a product or service is an affiliate link. However, if I write a review of a product or service, it’s because I feel like I have something useful to say about it (positive or negative).

Google Ads

By far, the most prominent ads on Provident Planning are Google Ads. I get paid for these ads when readers click on them. A few of the ads pay me when readers see them, but there aren’t many of these and they don’t pay much.

I have very little control over these ads. Google searches the content I write and shows ads that are supposed to be relevant to that content. (Sometimes it doesn’t work out so well.) Occasionally, Google will also show ads that are dependent on your location. I do have the ability to block specific ads, but I cannot possibly monitor all the ads that are shown on Provident Planning. So please know that I do not endorse every ad that Google shows on Provident Planning. If you do see an inappropriate ad, please contact me and I will do my best to block it.

Direct Sponsors

To eliminate any chances of a conflict of interest in my posts or recommendations, I do not accept direct sponsors. If I review a company or talk about its product/service, I’m doing so because I feel like I have something useful to say about it (positive or negative). I want you to be able to trust what I’m saying when I review anything, so you won’t see any sponsored posts here.

If you have any other questions, suggestions, or comments, please let me know. Thanks for reading!

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