A Look At Some Unbelievable Things People Have Bet With

Justin W —  February 3, 2017

When it comes to unbelievable bets, many people think of the 18-fold accumulators that have miraculously come in, the bets on Leicester to win the Premier League at 5000-1, and the crazily specific bets, such as Xabi Alonso to score from his own half in the 2005/06 season (it actually happened). However, many people forget about the different things people have bet with aside from money. Fortunately, we are here to remind you.

The Roulette Bet

When you hear about people going all in, you normally consider this to be all in with all of their money. However, roulette fan Ashley Revell took the term a little more literally, and actually put every single item he ever owned online, and placed a bet on the roulette wheel in an attempt to either double up or lose everything he had ever owned. And he won. But Revell didn’t stop there. After a television programme, he discussed how he raised $135,000 by selling everything he owned, and jetted off to Las Vegas to bet on the roulette reel once again. At first, he placed a bet on the black, but at the last minute switched to red, and this was apparently the best decision he had ever made. While we do not recommend that all players implement betting everything they own as part of their roulette betting system, you have to admit that it was a pretty ballsy idea.

Not The Breast Decision Ever…

This is one of the most famous gambling stories, where a man more or less bet his pride in the hopes of winning $100,000. Brian Zembic was a fervent gambler, and his friends challenged him to a bet that not many men would go through with – to have false breast implants for a year. Of course, he actually went through with it. He quickly became known as the man who would do anything to win a bet.

Football Crazy

When it comes to football, it is easy to see supporters getting carried away, whether this is at the matches or at home. However, there was one case that really does outdo the others. Henry Dhabasani (an Arsenal fan) bet his friend Rashid Yiga (a die-hard Manchester United fan) that Arsenal would beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. This sounds like a pretty tame bet, until you hear what was actually on the line for the pair. The Arsenal fan staked his house, while Yiga took up his offer and staked his wife and his Toyota car! Ex-Arsenal legend Robin van Persie actually scored the winning goal for United, and Dhabasani genuinely packed up his belongings for his friend to move in.

Don’t Call Me A Liar

In 1956, licensed pilot Thomas Fitzpatrick was drinking heavily in a Manhattan bar, when someone challenged the man’s claim that a flight from New Jersey to Manhattan would take 15 minutes. Fitzpatrick decided to take on the bet, despite his intoxication, as a matter of pride. And so, he drove to an airfield in New Jersey and stole a single-engine airplane which he then, drunkenly, flew back to the city and landed it outside of the bar in time for last orders. Fortunately, the police only fined him $100 for the trouble after the plane owner decided not to press any charges. However, 2 years later a patron decided to challenge Fitzpatrick over the legitimacy of his story. And so he did it all over again.

Justin W