Getting Help with Grocery Bills

Corey —  March 23, 2015

Unemployed or underemployed, you may find yourself as one of the 49 million Americans that face hunger. In a country of such excess, it is shocking that 1 in 6 Americans has to go hungry. Luckily there are numerous programs and organizations available to help try and combat hunger. Online resource like Low Income Financial Help provide great detail on the different assistance programs available to low income families. Below they have provided tips and guidance on where to get help with food.

Food Banks

Finding a food bank in your area can be a boon if you are struggling. This simple site will help you find the bank closest to your location. These food banks are all part of The Feeding America nationwide network of local banks and pantries with meal programs that serve the community. Special food programs for children and seniors are also available as well as mobile distribution spots, meal programs and other services for those impacted by disaster.

Public Assistance Programs

Government nutrition assistance programs are available to help you find healthy and nutritious food for you and your family. There is plenty to go over to find the right program for you, but you should be able to get assistance under one of the following programs.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program or CSFP assists low-income new mothers, those that are pregnant and breastfeeding, those up to one year into postpartum, infants, and children up to their sixth birthday. The elderly of 60 or older may qualify also based on income.

SFSP, or the Summer Food Assistance Program is designed to help school-aged children deal with hunger when school is not in session. As you are likely aware, during the school year, children are fed daily which can be a huge relief on struggling families. The summer months can cause issues, and SFSP is there to provide two meals and snacks to children in need. Find more information and see if you qualify here.

SNAP or Food Stamps is likely the most well-known of the different food programs available. With 1 in 7 Americans participating in the program, you may be surprised that you qualify. Simply apply online and get more information about the program through the site.

Additional Programs for Children

There are a few programs for children specifically that should help when you are faced with difficulties in keeping your young ones fed.

The National School Lunch Program offers federally assisted meal programs to public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. The goal is to provide a nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunch to children each school day. To apply, simply visit this site and ensure that you meet the income eligibility guild lines. If you do, apply and you will be enrolled.

Check with your local care centers to see if your State offers any particular programs that are run at the State level as this is becoming more common.

There are plenty of ways to get food to your family if you know where to look. They may require a little paperwork and legwork on your end, but after all is said and done, a well fed family is a happy family.



Corey is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in religion. While he enjoys learning and writing about Christianity, another one of his new passions is writing about personal finances in order to help others make wise decisions with their money.