I’m Back from Florida!

Corey —  November 16, 2010

Not in Florida - but we were by the ocean! :)

       I’m sure all of you were extremely upset when you didn’t get a new post last Tuesday and the rest of this past week! (I’m only kidding…) The reason you didn’t see any updates was because I was on vacation in Florida. My wife and I drove her grandma (a snowbird) down on Tuesday. Then we spent the rest of the time visiting my mom and step-dad, and my sister and new niece. We got back today, and Provident Planning will return to its regular schedule tomorrow!

(photo credit: joiseyshowaa on Flickr)



Corey is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in religion. While he enjoys learning and writing about Christianity, another one of his new passions is writing about personal finances in order to help others make wise decisions with their money.

8 responses to I’m Back from Florida!

  1. Oh, good! I missed your posts! Hope you had a chance to relax and take some time off for yourself!

  2. Yeah, i missed your posts as well. I thought you would include a blurb about vacation costs/budgets! =)

  3. Thanks, K! We did have a good time and it was very relaxing. I did a little bit of work but just enough so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed when I got back.

  4. Thanks, BK! I had this post ready before we left, so I didn’t have anything to comment on about our total costs. Plus, we had some special circumstances that helped us take this vacation on the cheap. We probably spent less than $100 for the whole week, but that was because my wife’s grandmother paid for the gas to drive down, our plane tickets back, and our meals while we were with her. Then my parents covered a couple of our meals out and let us eat whatever they had at home. We stuck to low-cost activities but still had a great time. So a week in FL for $100 worked out for us but it was due mostly to special circumstances.

  5. Paul,
    Glad your week went well. And hey…a week in Florida with family for $100 is a deal, even under “special circumstances”.

  6. Thanks, Joe! Yeah, we probably can’t do much better than that – especially leaving from PA! We could have kept it even lower if we hadn’t eaten out as much, but there were a few places I knew I wanted to take my wife while we were there.

  7. I hope you returned refreshed! I was in Florida last week as well for work. Pretty nice weather!

  8. Thanks, Kay! It was very refreshing. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful!