My 20 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

Corey —  September 29, 2010

       As I write more about personal finance and continue to expand my knowledge, I’m becoming increasingly aware of my own limitations. I’m only one man writing in a tiny little corner of the Internet. There are many other personal finance blogs out there providing great content and different perspectives. I wanted to take some time to highlight 20 of my favorite personal finance blogs.

       These are the blogs that I continue to return to every day. Their content is solid. They make me think. And they challenge me to expand my ideas beyond my own experiences. I can confidently recommend them to you as a good resource for learning about personal finance.

       I’ve broken them up into two groups: Christian and General. Some of the blogs in the General section are written by Christians, but the content they write is not predominantly from a Christian perspective.

       I’ve also noted my personal top 7 blogs by putting them at the top of the section they’re in and adding ***’s around their name. These are the blogs that I think are the most helpful, most well-written, and most thought-provoking. The others are good, but these are the ones that are great in my personal opinion.

       Finally, if you’re a personal finance blogger and I didn’t include you, please don’t feel offended. These are simply the blogs that I like the best. There are plenty of other good blogs out there, but I wanted to limit this list to the best based on my opinions.

My Favorite Christian Personal Finance Blogs

       ***Money Help for Christians*** – You’ve seen me highlight Craig’s writing several times here, and that’s for a very simple reason. He does an excellent job of presenting a solid look at personal finance in the Bible. I connect with him well because I can see his passion for Jesus in what he does in his life and what he writes on his site.

       ***Redeeming Riches*** – Jason has really caught my attention on several of his posts. I appreciate his willingness to challenge his readers to follow Jesus more closely and to strive to become even more generous.

       ***Dollars and Doctrine*** – Rob’s blog doesn’t have quite as much content as others, but you can find a good bit of his writing elsewhere online. Free Money Finance ran a series on his book Dollars & Doctrine that was a great overview of money in the Bible. I’m looking forward to reviewing Rob’s most recent work on a 4-part Sunday school series called “Redefining Riches”.

       Bible Money Matters – Pete has created an excellent resource for Christians wanting to learn about money and how we should approach it. I’ve been a big fan of his since I began reading Christian finance blogs.

       Christian Personal Finance – Bob has the most popular Christian personal finance blog by far. He’s been doing this for quite a while and has built up an excellent archive of content.

       Debt Free Adventure – Matt’s just coming back from a summer hiatus, but I expect to see more great things from him. He’s accomplished a lot in meeting his goals to become debt free, and he’s extremely interested in helping his readers do the same.

       One Money Design – Jason is also another excellent Christian personal finance blogger who started near the same time I did.

       Personal Finance by the Book – Joe is a relative newcomer to the blogging world, but I’ve really appreciated his perspective as one of the older bloggers among us. His life experience is a valuable resource to learn from as he combines it with his Biblical knowledge.

       Faithful with a Few – Khaleef is also a fairly new blogger, but I’ve been excited about the content he’s writing. I’m expecting great things from him and looking forward to watching him grow as he works to share his faith and knowledge of finances.

My Favorite General Personal Finance Blogs

       ***Get Rich Slowly*** – If you’re reading personal finance blogs, I doubt J.D. needs any introduction. He’s got the most popular personal finance blog and there’s no question why. He’s been doing this longer than most of us and he’s an excellent writer. I’m never disappointed by his work.

       ***The Oblivious Investor*** – Mike has a real gift for taking complex topics and making them simple and clear. I cannot recommend any other investing blog more highly.

       ***Bad Money Advice*** – It took a while for “Frank” to grow on me. He can be a little harsh and critical, but he also makes some excellent points. I don’t think his purpose is to just bash people. He wants us to think about our personal finances rather than blindly accepting the mainstream advice.

       ***Financial Samurai*** – “Sam” established himself very well early on. His site doesn’t have a huge collection of the foundations for personal finances, but he does make you think about things. That’s why I’ve included him as one of my favorites…that, and his humor.

       Len Penzo dot Com – Len is another writer who excels at combining humor with great content. I’ve enjoyed reading his articles since I found him.

       Free Money Finance – FMF is always sharing the financial advice he finds and offering useful commentary on it. He does share Christian content on Sundays and his faith comes through when he discusses giving, but most of his content is just general in nature so I included him here.

       Bargaineering – Jim has a prolific archive of great personal finance content. He’s also helped me with several blogging questions, and I appreciate how he gives back to the community.

       Early Retirement Extreme – Jacob’s story is fascinating and his financial philosophy helps keep my mind questioning the cultural norms.

       Punch Debt in the Face – The Debt Ninja’s comics and humor crack me up. This site isn’t generally heavy on in-depth financial topics, but it’s worth reading just for the laughs.

       All Financial Matters – I think one of the reasons I like JLP’s site is because he shares my love of spreadsheets and data. He gets more into the politics and economics of money than I do, but he’s also got a huge archive of useful posts as well.

       Man Vs. Debt – When it comes to getting out of debt and simplifying your life, Adam knows what he’s talking about. His content is very thorough and well-written. He’s also helped me by answering some of my questions even though he’s a very busy guy.

What Are Your Favorite Personal Finance Blogs?

       Well, there are my favorites. How about sharing yours in the comments below?!



Corey is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in religion. While he enjoys learning and writing about Christianity, another one of his new passions is writing about personal finances in order to help others make wise decisions with their money.

23 responses to My 20 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

  1. Thanks for your kind words Paul! My site may have to move up a place or two now that you’re writing for us! :)

  2. Hahaha, Pete! Well, I did put you near the top at least. Like I said in the post, I’m not trying to favor anyone over another. Everyone on the list is excellent!

  3. I am familiar and an avid reader of many of these and you are right…they are excellent! It is wonderful to have so much good information available during this time when the country is in a frenzy.

  4. I tried to choose the best, Carol! :) It is great to have so many people willing to share their experiences and knowledge. Some of them are getting paid well for it, but only because they put in years doing it for free just to help themselves and others improve their finances. These PF blogs are a great resource!

  5. Paul,
    Thank you so much for including me in your list. I am honored to be rubbing elbows with some fabulous writers!

  6. No problem, Joe! You’ve been doing a great job, and your Biblical content is excellent. Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks, Adam. I’m familiar with the ones you listed except Joseph Sangl.

  8. Paul, thanks so much for including me in your list. Great group of Christian personal finance blogs serving the Lord!!!

  9. No problem, Jason! I appreciate what all of you are doing to help Christians honor God. And I’m sure all the great personal finance info is helping non-Christians as well!

  10. I really like Larry Jones’s Rich Christian Poor Christian blog:

  11. I read that one as well, Erik. He does have some good content, but recently it seems to be much more broad based than specifically personal finance. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I didn’t feel it fit the best on this list.

  12. Hey Paul, thanks for including me on this list. I am humbled that you have me next to such great sites/writers! It’s especially great since my site is so young.

    I hope I can live up to this!

  13. I fully expect you will, Khaleef! :)

  14. Paul, wow – awesome list man. Thanks so much for putting me on it, I really appreciate it. I too appreciate your passion for Christ and your willingness to make that known!

  15. I’m tearing up over here. Haha. Stoked I made your list man. You’re right, I’ve come to the realization people like me for my drawings and humor, not so much the content, but I ain’t complainin’

    P.S. I love JESUS!

  16. Hahaha, Ninja! :) I didn’t mean it as an insult. You have good content and are helping people with what you write. It’s just not heavy on technical stuff (and that’s not a bad thing by any means).

    And I know you love Jesus! :) I’ve seen you discuss your faith a few times on your site and mention it here and there. But your content isn’t predominantly written from a Christian perspective. Nothing wrong with that either, but I wanted to make some kind of delineation. I think your faith is reflected somewhat in your writing, but it’s not your main theme.

  17. Paul,
    How did I miss this list? I guess you don’t really know, but somehow I missed it. Great list. I love the fact that the Christian personal finance niche is expanding with some great fresh perspectives. I’ve enjoyed reading blogs that really challenge my thinking. On the top of my list for fresh ideas is Provident Planning.
    Thanks for including MH4C on your list.

  18. Thanks for the compliment, Craig! I’m working to keep some good, fresh content coming. I’m also glad to see the Christian personal finance niche expanding!

    And I was happy to include Money Help for Christians on the list. I really appreciate the work you’ve been doing. Keep it up!!!

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