Why Are You Here?

Corey —  March 26, 2010

       Sorry to sound so rude, but I have a question for you.

       Why do you read what I write on Provident Planning? What are you looking for? Why do you come here? What do you need?

       I’m asking because this is often a very one-sided thing for me. I try to figure out what people need to learn or want to learn, and then I write the articles to provide that information. (OK, so sometimes I just write stuff because I can’t think of anything else. But most of the time I do put a lot of thought into the articles I write.)

       So I’m asking you to help me make Provident Planning better. Help me make it something that meets your needs. Help me make it amazing! I can’t do it without your help because I don’t have all the answers.

       What do you need to do to help me? Simply leave your answers/suggestions in the comments below or contact me directly. Again, I want to know why you’re here, what you need, and what you’re looking for from Provident Planning. Also, I’d appreciate any ideas you have to make Provident Planning better. What would you like to have on here that I don’t yet? What could help make this site great?

       Remember, I need your help to do this. Without you, this website is just me talking to myself. Thank you so much for your help!!!



Corey is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in religion. While he enjoys learning and writing about Christianity, another one of his new passions is writing about personal finances in order to help others make wise decisions with their money.

4 responses to Why Are You Here?

  1. I come here, quite frankly, because some of the best of what’s written in the pf universe is here. No joke–the pf world is heavy on recycled content–and I know I’m guilty of it myself. But the topics and advice here are solid.

    There’s not much that needs to change.
    .-= Kevin@OutOfYourRut´s last blog ..7 Reasons Everyone Needs to Have a Blog =-.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the compliment, Kevin!! Your words are very encouraging. I agree that much of what is written in personal finance is recycled. It’s almost like everyone plans on themes to discuss at the same time! But we should expect to see some duplicate coverage of a topic with so many writers out there and so many people who haven’t mastered the basics yet.

    However, I don’t agree that your stuff is recycled. You bring up some interesting perspectives that are often missed. The whole focus of your website is great – getting out of your rut by looking at unique ideas for businesses and careers. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks. Being a recycler isn’t all bad. Robert Ringer describes the writers job this way:

    “…it is not a writer’s duty to come up with new thoughts. It is his duty to craft ageless wisdom in ways that bring about epiphanies in the minds of his readers.”
    .-= Kevin@OutOfYourRut´s last blog ..7 Reasons Everyone Needs to Have a Blog =-.

  4. That’s a great quote, Kevin! I’ll keep that in mind. :)